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Keep the promise

A short story about the reason Armenians lived in Ottoman Empire

It has been almost one week since Armenian Genocide remembrance day and attention to it has begun to wane. But here is one more post about it.

The movie “The Promise” was released this year and it’s an American historical drama about love triangle during the final years of the Ottoman Empire, and during the mass murder of the Armenian minority planned and executed by the Ottoman government.

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Experiencing the past

St. Petersburg, Russia is very close to Finland, a European country in the Schengen area. It’s around 2 hours drive without traffic. And that is the reason why most people from St. Petersburg prefer to quickly get Finish visa by driving to border, crossing it and opening the visa to be able to visit any country in Europe.

The road to the border is stunning. A powerful Russian forest surrounds the highway. So I turned on a nice playlist from Apple Music called “Kings of the highway” and I was enjoying the drive, although it wasn’t the first time I had such kind of an experience from the trip.

my car is also bearded

My car is also bearded

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