Experiencing the past

St. Petersburg, Russia is very close to Finland, a European country in the Schengen area. It’s around 2 hours drive without traffic. And that is the reason why most people from St. Petersburg prefer to quickly get Finish visa by driving to border, crossing it and opening the visa to be able to visit any country in Europe.

The road to the border is stunning. A powerful Russian forest surrounds the highway. So I turned on a nice playlist from Apple Music called “Kings of the highway” and I was enjoying the drive, although it wasn’t the first time I had such kind of an experience from the trip.

my car is also bearded

My car is also bearded

I have been enjoying it for many years and it became usual thing. One of the enemies of happiness is adaptation. No surprise here.
Same thing with the rest of the city experiences. Best hookah places, bar-hopping through the “old city”, theatres, parks, picnics, and sport activities. Everything will become an ordinary experience sooner or later. And it’s fine.

That’s the reason why some people start searching for new experiences – looking for new sport activities, travelling, checking out every new place in da city.  And it’s actually the best thing one can do as studies show you should spend your money on buying experience, not things. Especially for shared experience. We can always remember how awesome our trip to Japan with Andrey was, but never the experience of purchasing a new iPhone. More science here.

But as adaptation is the enemy of any experience, all of it might become an ordinary thing in terms of your life. A vacation will become an ordinary experience. The new place will be on par with others.

I wasn’t driving to Finland more than 1-2 times a year and yet it became a usual activity. But today’s trip was new from some point. It’s not because of the time between the last trip and today’s. The timeframe is the same.
It’s about things that have been changing in my mind.

I was in a completely new environment for the 3 months, which changed all my experiences fundamentally. And it appears as if an entirely new experience is breaking into your mind and taking you to a different level. It takes all your focus. It does it in a way that you get away from past activities. It helps you bounce to the other parts of life.

Driving to the border was a usual thing I didn’t enjoy, but today I felt like in old good days. I was enjoying it almost as something new for me. It helped me to bounce back and realize that you can find enjoyment in the things you have already experienced many times.

Oh, boy! It’s like reading your favourite book after ten years. It feels very familiar but almost like new. You’re enjoying old favourite parts and finding new things. It works in the very same way with the experience.

Even if you are extremely bored with the current experience and environment it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it again. You can. And it is worth it almost as a new experience. Experiencing the past helps you feel like in old good days, not just remember it as something forever lost.

Find a way to balance between the past and the new experience. You don’t have enough time for everything.

Kings of the highway

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